Rascal and Monica Join Mike at MyFoxHouston

How cute is Rascal!?! Check out this video to see Rascal and hear a few great tips on how to beat the heat this summer with your favorite four legged friend!

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Hurricane Tips for Your Pet

We know, we know.  You’ve heard it a million times.  And now that it is hurricane season in Houston, you are going to hear it another million times.  But with the swarm of animals HHS took in during Hurricane Ike, it bears repeating.  Trust me on this.

Watch the video to catch a few tips on how to prepare for your pet this hurricane season!  And please pass along to everyone you know with pets!!!

Check out Chico on the FOX morning show!

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Lizzy Gets a Little Training Help

Lizzy, a 4 year old rottweiler mix that is currently in our Diamonds in the Ruff program, received 4 weeks of training at Lone Star Pet Lodges in Missouric City.  As you can see from the video, she has learned how to sit, stay until called over, and even to roll over!!  We are so proud of Lizzy and extremely grateful to Lone Star Pet Lodges for their training efforts.  Even more, the Diamonds in the Ruff program has been partially funded by an Innovation Grant from the Pedigree Foundation.  Without those awesome folks we wouldn’t have been able get Lizzy the training she so desperately needed!

Baby and Juno

Meet Baby and Juno, an odd match up of two dogs that have become fast friends at the Houston Humane Society.  Both of these awesome pups need a home, so please share with everyone you know!



Check out Arnold’s video!  Talk about LOVE for toys!

And don’t forget, be sure to vote for Houston Humane Society at www.votetosavelives.org!!!  Vote everyday from now until April 15th!

Go Big & Find ‘Em A Home…

In Texas, everything is bigger.  The state itself, the size of our hearts, the impressiveness of our character, heck even our hair :).  One of the favorite sayings around the state is Go Big or Go Home!  It’s the battlecry of high school football teams around the state, been heard uttered by champions and cowboys alike.  Urban Dictionary defines it as: an expression the speaker says to the listener to encourage the listener to be extravagant, to go all the way, and do whatever you are doing to its fullest – and not flake out. 

So what better slogan to alter and adopt for our ASPCA Challenge???  HHS wants to be extravagant, we pledge to go all the way, and we will do whatever it takes to find more forever homes for homeless pets in Houston!  We had to change it up a little to fit our needs, but the sentiment is the same.  We are going to GO BIG & FIND ‘EM A HOME, and we need YOUR help to do it! 

The first part of the challenge has started.  Your part is easy.  We just need you to vote for Houston Humane Society in the qualifying heat.  Keep in mind you can vote once per day, so be sure to visit EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Please send to everyone you know and ask them to vote every single day.  You can vote by visiting this link: http://challenge.aspcapro.org/vote-your-shelter.

Keep in mind that you will have to scroll down to find Houston Humane Society.  Once you find us, click on our name.  Then you need to enter your email address, plus the verification code and hit the vote button.  The first time you vote you will be asked to verify your email address.  After that, be sure to vote once per day per email address!  Help send us to the next round!!!